Print Solution Business

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Business Hours
Weekdays: 8:30am to 8pm
Weekends/Holidays: 10am to 6pm
Open year round
(except during New Years and Obon Holiday)
11-25 Daikancho Hiratsuka-shi,
Phone : +81-463-23-0012
Fax : +81-463-23-1239

IMEX Print Solution Business Responds to
Diverse User Needs with Its Excellent Performance

IMEX’s copy shop fostering close ties with local communities
provides superior services

IMEX Print Solution provides a low cost high-quality printing services that can be offered only by a toner manufacturer. We can assist customers in various ways, including printing personalized congratulatory and condolence cards, business cards, and notices and announcements as well as bulletins for groups and town associations. In addition, the shop’s workspace can be used by customers. We are also expanding services to support digital business in local communities. As a “town copy shop” that fosters close ties with the local community, it aims to provide a truly one-stop service for swift and high-quality printing at a low price.

Diverse output services flexibly meet
requirements, such as small-lot orders
and short delivery deadlines

For example, some people who work in a small office or home office (SOHO) often say, “I have something to output, but introducing equipment only for that purpose does not pay in terms of cost and installation space.” IMEX Print Solution can solve such a problem by flexibly meeting all printing needs from business cards to large printed matter regardless of lot size or delivery time. Bookbinding, lamination, and other processing services are also available. Large book scanning services are convenient to those who deal with design drawings and other large documents. IMEX Print Solution also offers other services, such as website creation and design.

Rental computer booths that can be used easily anytime are also available

Rental PCs available at the shop meet the urgent PC needs of people who say, for example, “I want to print images on the Internet, but the computer at home is occupied,” or “I want to print documents today for tomorrow morning’s conference.” All kinds of documents can be printed as long as general set of fonts and applications are used. All PC rental spaces take the form of a booth to ensure complete privacy. IMEX Print Solution supports a wide range of lifestyles because it can be used easily anytime.

Selling recycled cartridges that enable substantial cost reduction while maintaining high product quality

IMEX Print Solution also sells recycled cartridges. It refills used cartridges that are brought or sent to the shop with high-quality toner and sells the refilled cartridges back to the senders at a reasonable price. Of course, the used cartridges are disassembled and cleaned and undergo parts, printing, and other inspections. Thus, the used cartridges are checked from the perspective of a toner manufacturer. The recycled cartridges not only enable substantial cost reductions compared to brand new cartridges but also contribute to environmental conservation. This service is well received as the one that can be provided only by IMEX.